Caligula Syndrome

A Multitudinous mass of masques, mania, musings, mutterings, mini-mutilations (and anything else you could possibly ever possibly hope to dream of) , and all from the glitter-and-gloom art-obsessed chimera brain of a po-mo homo/fledgling tattooist.


Underground  Portraits  of Theater of Darkness  by Lucent Dossier

In collaboration with the the Lucent Dossier underground cirque , photographer August Bradley presents A Theater of Darkness, an enchanting visual narrative filled with curiosity and terror. As if birthed from the pages of an H.G. Wells novel, Bradley’s circus characters are confined to an old, anachronistic vaudeville theater—long after their performances, they lurk in the steampunk underground, yearning for the outside world and hoping for escape.

(via effectsmakeup)